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Tips to Choose High Quality Paint

Speaking about quality, it is just like an idiom. “There is a price, there is a quality” it is a phrase that usually said by trader. And it is some kind true.

“Expensive thing usually has good quality”.  The logic is, high quality paint must be made from good quality material that has different price. Besides that, more complete additive material surely make paint price higher and completing the paint’s quality.

For instance, in paint’s smoothness, ability to cover hair line crack, can be clean, paint surface elasticity, and easy to apply.

High quality paint has 4 valid functions: dispersive power, covering power, easy to apply and save for nature health.

Undeniable that the higher quality of paint, the price also become more expensive because beside all those 4 functions, high quality paint also has more positive factors such as weather endure capacity, anti fading, washable, cover hair line crack, and fragrance addition.

Usually paint companies will have Singapore Green Label certificate after fulfilled VOC quality test and applied eco friendly standard not only applied on their products but also applied on company production process so that processing wastes are audited periodically by the ministry of the environment. (dulux)