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Property of Indonesia present you, Karawaci Warehouse. The purpose to build Karawaci Warehouse is to reduce the traffic jam factor which already became the greatest problem for Jakarta and its surrounding resident. Karawaci Warehouse is placed in strategic location, 20 km from Jakarta. Karawaci Warehouse is relatively easy to access because it is so near from other business center, the heart of the business center.

Karawaci Warehouse is the warehouse center that already built using concept Basic Warehouse (Single Purpose Warehouse), and in process All in One Warehouse concept being improved (Multi Purposes Warehouse). This multi purposes warehouse consists of office, house and warehouse. A very interesting offering for you who need effective and efficient work and who need warehouse unit for lease.

Karawaci Warehouse is located in strategic location for your business. Choosing public business location really need right place and strategic according to the business form. The right business place will support and improve your business transaction. Now, warehouse complex already been built to support your business according individuals need.

Karawaci Warehouse becomes a center of all business activities. Hopefully in the future, this warehouse development could absorb many more human resources so unemployment rate could be reduced.

Karawaci Warehouse answers public need for a warehouse which is strategic, secure and built in new concept to support your business.


Karawaci Warehouse has 2 areas:

  1. Karawaci Warehouse stands on +/- 1 ha area, divided to seven warehouses with various size, from 400 m2 to 9000 m2
  2. Karawaci Warehouse new concept, 3-in-1 concept; house, office and warehouse. Stands on +/- 9000 m2, divided to five warehouse, wide 550 m2 each and two futsal fields waiting for your investment, strategic location in the center of Tangerang City, Karawaci which has 2 toll access, Karawaci Toll and Tangerang Toll.

Karawaci Warehouse is not an ordinary warehouse complex. Karawaci Warehouse has 24 hour security system, gives comfortableness to clients and also free from unofficial retribution to support and improve clients’ activity. An area in Karawaci offers benefits for its clients.

Karawaci Warehouse built on August 31st, 2006 presented warehouse service as storage room for production goods in certain amount and time, and also could be use for industry. Up to now, Karawaci Warehouse already improved as one of strategic warehouse in Karawaci, Tangerang. Karawaci Warehouse has successful improved Karawaci area from not productive to beneficial warehouse area.
On 2009, in the beginning Karawaci Warehouse developed 9000 m2 area with new concept, 3-in-1 concept. In this case, in the beginning this warehouse particularly built in only 1 kind of warehouse, as storage room. But, on 2009, Karawaci Warehouse changed this warehouse image, more modern: integrated house, office and warehouse. The purpose of this is for clients’ efficiency.  Beside all of that, there is also public futsal fields and for renter to stay in fit and healthy and also tighten intern and extern relation.

Improving and giving optimal economic value to customers and protect environment also as a realization of social responsibility.


  1. Providing place with the best integral service through right system and continuously improves.
  2. Developing and completing Karawaci area with innovation spirit.
  3. Improving qualified human resources with value and company culture.
  4. Increasing income and company benefit.


  1. Warehouse building for lease.
  2. Leasing for small and medium business need.
  3. Arrangement and maintenance all warehouse’s area.


  • Room and house leasing.
  • Sport facility leasing.


1. Complete facility and spacious housing area.

2. Karawaci warehouse is very strategic and being surrounded by
4 major highways; Jakarta-Merak, Karawaci, Pluit and JORR.

3. Karawaci warehouse is so
easy to be accessed, by public transportation, bus and car.

24 hour security system. 1 in and out gate, supporting the available security system.

5. Karawaci Warehouse location is
truck free, traffic free and flood free.

Spacious parking lot.

Futsal arena consists of two futsal fields. Clean, comfortable and secure. Properly equipped by mini cafeteria which serves variety of food and beverages. Really suit for youngsters event such as watching futsal or watching football match together. 1 set Plasma TV prepared for that need.

Roof Café is placed direct above the futsal area with outdoor concept and direct view to outdoor Karawaci Warehouse area. This café could become the other alternative place to hang out. Various kind of food and beverages also available in this roof café.

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